Lash Extension - 

Certified in the first and only U.S. patented method for multiple layer eyelash extensions, resulting in beautiful, natural-looking eyelashes.

                Thanks to Daniel and pp.

Fullset (2hrs) $150
Fill ( 1hr) $75


Lips or Chin - $12

Eyebrow - $20
Face - $15
Bikini - $20

Brazilian - $45
Under Arm - $15
Full Arm - $33

Half Arm - $25
Stomach - $15
Back - $45
Full Leg - $50
Upper Leg - $35
Lower Leg - $35

Spa Manicure

A Classic Manicure followed by an exfoliating 
anti-age treatment to the hands and elbows, a hot paraffin dip ending with intense massage with aromatic oils, and polish of your choice.
 - $30.


Classic Manicure

Done once a week, a manicure will stimulate nail growth and soften dry, dull skin. Includes hot soak, emphasis on cuticles, completed with massage and polish of your choice. - $20.

Hands & Feet Treatment

Luxury Facial

Rare champagne yeast imported from France nourishes skin and stimulates its metabolism. Exotic Chinese herbs help maintain moisture balance leaving skin absolutely radiant with a youthful dewy glow. 75 minutes - $80
Special treatment for neck and décolleté 90 minutes - $115

Eye Lift, Eye Firm Treatment

This effective eye firming treatment results in smoother skin texture, fewer fine lines and wrinkles, increased elasticity, and smoothing hydration.

15 minutes -$15


European Facial

Helps maintain a healthy complexion incorporating European methods to cleanse and gently exfoliate the skin. A customized ampoule, relaxing facial massage, and nourishing mask treatment make this a unique experience that rejuvenates and illuminates the skin. 75 minutes - $80

Spa Pedicure

This luxurious treatment begins with a hot soak in Savar salts, followed by an aroma salt glow polish from toes to knee. A dip in warm paraffin, intense massage, and hydrating mask follow, concluding with a polish of your choice. - $75.

Karrie's Beauty

Beta Ex Skin Exfoliation

A patented science using a powerful, yet gentle resurfacing procedure that provides a new level of skin renewal. This treatment minimizes the appearance of fine lines, corrects uneven skin pigmentation, soothes the complexion, balances blemish-prone skin and promotes a healthy, youthful glow. 75 minutes - $85

Weekly or biweekly follow-up treatments.

30 minutes - $45

Home care program recommended for pigmentation spots. Includes cleanser, serum, and moisturizer.

Classic Pedicure

A pedicure is a perfect way to revive and condition your feet. Hot soak, nail clipping, sloughing, intense massage, feet wrapped in hot towels and polish of your choice are included. - $45.

Moor Mud Facial

For all skin types, especially combination. This intensive treatment deeply cleanses pores eliminating impurities. Natural Moor Mud stimulates the skin’s circulation and improves oxygen supply. Concentrated serum is used to nourish and moisturize the skin. 75 minutes - $80

Professional Correcting Treatment

Designed for the treatment of oily, problematic, blemished skin. Concentrated formulas offer multi-benefits to absorb oil, reduce impurities, exfoliate, reduce the appearance of large pores, soothe and balance the skin. 75 minutes - $85

Q-10 Collagen Facial

This anti-aging facial provides your skin with the ultimate defense against wrinkles. The active ingredients Coenzyme Q-10 supply cells with energy while the collagen mask gives immediate results smoothing lines significantly and firming the epidermis.                          75 minutes -$95

Facial Add-ons ($15 each service)

*Foot massage/Reflexology 
*Ultrasonic skin scrubber
*High frequency (anti-aging & acne) 

Full body facial …$75+

Complex C Facial [W.]™ Brightening Serum

Brighten the complexion while reducing the appearance of pigmentation spots. An antidote to the look of dull, dehydrated skin, this treatment increases skin radiance and luminosity while preventing formation of new pigment spots.      75 minutes - $80